If you'd like to cover enrollment for a group of students — say, a workplace team or a study group — you can get a discount on tuition. The rate schedule is below. To take advantage of this, just send me an email ([email protected]) telling me which courses and how many students. I'll get back to you with a link for sign up, and then with an enrollment code all the students can use.

Aside from being a good deal, studying together can be a great way to stay motivated and dig deep into the material. (Note that this is for multiple enrollments in a single course, not for a single student enrolling in multiple courses.) If you still have any questions please post them below or send me a note.

Happy (group) building!


Number of students . Discount 2 15% 3 20% 4 23% 5 25% 6 28% 7 30% 10 33% 20 40% 50 46% 100 50%

If your group size isn't listed here, you can find your discount with this formula

.667 * (1 - 2**-log10(n_students))

Or just email me.