What to expect


To kick of the process, just send me an email ([email protected]). If you can give me a few sentences describing what you'd like to talk about and your goals for the conversation, I can let you know if it's an area I'm familiar with and give you a rough sense of what to expect to accomplish within the hour. We can also compare scheduling constraints and decide whether a meeting is feasible within your time frame. My day job has first claim on my time, so I will be working around the current needs of my team.


The next step is to enroll in the course and get to work. If for any reason, the consultation doesn't come together, you'll receive a refund in full.

We choose a day and time that works for all involved. I've found that videoconferencing tools like Zoom work very well for this, but we can also have an audio-only call. It is your choice entirely. If you happen to be in the Boston area, I'm available to meet face to face at your location as well.

Every client conversation is completely confidential, of course, and we can work through any NDA paperwork you feel is appropriate to make that official.

If there is any background reading for our conversation, you can send it to me at this point too. I like to come into the consultation well-prepared so that we can make the most of our time.


On the day and time we planned, I'll meet you in person or online. Together, we'll focus on achieving your goal, whether it's to explore a technology's feasibility, solve an implementation issue, understand what value you can extract from your data, troubleshoot an algorithm pipeline, or brainstorm solutions to a challenge. You are free to record the audio and video if you like. I'll take notes.


Within three days, I'll send you a written summary of the arc of our conversation, including any discoveries that were made, insights that occurred, and decisions that were voiced. If you decide you would like to spend some more time together working toward your goals, we can plan additional consultation at that point, specific to both our needs and the work at hand.