000. Foundational Skills

Some things that will be helpful as you jump in to machine learning

You may find that you need to add tools to your toolbox as you work your way through your machine learning projects. I've tried to gather some helpful resources here for topics that I don't cover deeply in the courses. These teachers are world class. It's no small miracle to have access to all this on the Internet, most of it for free.

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Brandon Rohrer
Brandon Rohrer

I love solving puzzles and building things. Machine learning lets me do both. I got started by studying robotics and human rehabilitation at MIT (MS '99, PhD '02), moved on to machine vision and machine learning at Sandia National Laboratories, then to predictive modeling of agriculture DuPont Pioneer, and cloud data science at Microsoft. At Facebook I worked to get internet and electrical power to those in the world who don't have it, using deep learning and satellite imagery and to do a better job identifying topics reliably in unstructured text. Now at iRobot I work to help robots get better and better at doing their jobs. In my spare time I like to rock climb, write robot learning algorithms, and go on walks with my wife and our dog, Reign of Terror.

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