112. Getting ready to learn Python, Windows edition

Write your very first Python program, even if this is your first time touching a keyboard

This course is to cover the gap between touching a keyboard for the first time and writing your first line of Python code. There are a lot of great Python courses out there, but sometimes getting set up to start them is tricky. If you find yourself this stuck in this place, these tutorials are for you.

There are a lot of tools for working with Python. I tried to find the most reliable path through this obstacle course. I chose simpler tools over than fancier ones. I also chose tools that are free and available to everyone.

The collection of steps is a little bit different depending on whether you are on a Mac or a PC. This particular tutorial collection is focused on a PC running Windows. There's a similar course for Mac users here.

If you get lost or don’t understand something, don’t give up! Take a breath, step away, and try again in a few minutes. If it still doesn’t work, write me a message. I’ll do what I can to help you navigate the tricky spots.

Once you get set up, you can jump into Course 201, an intro to Python course where we start walking through the basics of the language together while building some fun programs.

I’m excited for you! Being able to program opens up a lot of possibilities, both for work and for play. And I am honored that you would include me in your journey.

Let’s get started.

Get started now!